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Have you decided on a career yet? Have a look at this list of the most in demand jobs before you make up your mind. There is something for everyone ! What’s the point of studying poetry or art history if it’s not going to get you a job? When choosing a profession you want to make sure that by the time you finish school, you are going to find a job that has good career growth and pays well. Given the current job market, you might argue that young people are lucky enough to even get a job, but study results show some rather encouraging news on UK employment. According to the Office for National Statistics the unemployment rate in the UK has fallen to 4.9 percent and is at its lowest since 2005. The government body says that in the three months to April 2016 the number of people in work has increased showing that there is a positive change in the market, and this is good news for people looking for a job. But if we want to improve the situation and help the UK economy prosper there is a need to fill professions that show a rise in the market. If you are based in the UK and you are deciding on a career or considering of a career change, you might want to take a look at the list of the professions below. Learning what these careers are can help you make more informed decisions about the future. Let’s have a look. 1. Engineer engineers working Shutterstock According to The Royal Academy of Engineering, there is a shortfall of more than a million engineers across the UK and in the future, there is going to be a need for new engineers and technicians. The reasons for this shortfall are many, beginning with the lack of interest young people have in pursuing engineering careers, and the poor perception they hold of these professions. For engineering roles, it’s also necessary that you are good at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects at school. But because of low attainment, there is a skills shortage in this industry. But engineering is a promising career field. On Reed there are currently 23,788 engineering jobs and the average salary is £33,700. 2. Nurse nurses at their station Shutterstock Nursing is another profession that is predicted to show a strong skills gap that will lead to many vacancies remaining unfulfilled. One of the major contributors to this could be recent government policy changes regarding the NHS bursaries. From August 2017, students interested in nursing, midwifery and allied health students will no longer be entitled to it and will be forced pay for their studies with student loans. But, this might be a good thing considering that universities and colleges will offer more training places. The average salary of a registered nurse (Band 5) is £42,560. 3. Software Developer software developer working on computer at modern office Shutterstock Technology professions are going to be popular for the years to come. One of the most prominent ones is software development. The need to satisfy our ‘digital needs’ show that there is going to be large growth in this area and a need for professionals with coding skills. Reed confirms that there has already been a massive increase of the jobs advertised in the industry at 2,871, which is 211 more than 2015. The average salary is also higher than last year’s and is currently at £49,416. 4. Consultant business man in consulting Shutterstock Consulting is a popular career path in the UK that shows a promising rise. Anyone can become a consultant no matter what industry they are in because there are many diverse roles that this profession can be tied to. For this reason, salaries also differ depending on the field you are interested in. According to PayScale, management consultants earn an average of £47,850. 5. Recruitment Consultant woman conducting job interview Shutterstock If you have browsed some of the most popular UK job board sites recently, you probably have seen this role trending across the country. On Indeed and Reed, there are currently 49,996 and 21,157 respectively, and reports show that there has been an increase in the number of jobs advertised (334 more than 2015). The average salary is quite high and can reach up to more than £42,188 with some companies offering bonuses or commissions. 6. Teacher teacher at the classroom Shutterstock It may come as a surprise, but teaching is also in decline. The Head of the National Audit Office, Amyas Morse confirmed that there are signs that teacher shortages are growing, and the solution to tackle the problem is to train new teachers. Reed shows that there are 516 more jobs advertised since last year and a total of 2,856 for this year. The only discouraging news is that the average salary is £497 less than 2015 and currently at £37,923 for those working in Secondary Education. 7. Office Administrator female employee talking on the phone Shutterstock There is always going to be a need for office administrators. The demand for these professionals remains high because companies are continuously looking for administrative personnel, whether these are secretarial or assistant roles. What’s good about this is that many part-time and full-time positions in office administration don't require many complex skills. On Reed, there are currently 2,057 administrator jobs and the average pay in the field is £20,463. 8. Chef chef preparing a plate Shutterstock Apparently, there aren’t many chefs to fill the available vacancies in the hospitality and leisure industry. Even though the pay has gone up since last year, people avoid pursuing a career as a chef possibly because of the long working hours and the stress that comes with the job. Currently, there are 1,853 chef jobs being advertised on Reed that pay an average salary of 21,366. 9. Designer designers working together Shutterstock Just like software developers, designers are in high demand because of the ‘digital age’ revolution. These professionals and their work go hand-in-hand with software developers because they help to create content for adverts and their contribution is vital in every business. The average salary of Digital/Graphic Designer is £25,502 although it has the potential to increase up to £40,000 with more experience. 10. Sales Executive business woman meeting with client Shutterstock Companies like to experiment with different techniques on how to bring their products and services closest to their audience. As such, they hire sales executives to maintain working relationships with existing clients and help to sell a business’s products and services. The role is similar to a recruitment consultant though the products/services they are promoting vary depending on the industry they are based in. According to Reed, the average salary for sales executives is £31,643. If you think you have what it takes to get into any of these professions, it might be worth trying it out. These jobs are going to be big for the next years to come and if you are based in the UK, you might be able to find a job that’s more or steadier than others and pays well.

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