Jobies Sàrl Terms of Use is an employment platform in Switzerland set up by the company Jobies SARL whose Head Office is at 18 Place de Cornavin, 1201 Geneva.

1.    Preamble

1.1.    Purpose

These General Terms & Conditions govern the legal relationship between Jobies SARL and on the one hand, job seekers (hereinafter “applicants”, and on the other hand, job suppliers (hereinafter “recruiters”), (i.e. together applicants and recruiters, hereinafter “users”) and apply to the services offered by Jobies SARL such as publishing job advertisements, dealing with applications, searching for applicant profiles, together with registering and onlining applicant profiles and replies to job advertisements.

1.2.    Contractual relationship between Jobies and its users

Since is a free platform, the mere fact of using the jobs platform constitutes acceptance of these General Terms & Conditions.

1.3.    Other services and products

For the other services and products offered by Jobies SARL, such as branding, advertising, banners, referencing, and publications, special Terms & Conditions apply, depending on the services or products chosen.

2.    Free services and conditions of use

2.1.    Services to recruiters

By signing up on the platform, recruiters can have an indefinite number of advertisements published, which they can put on line according to their needs. Each advertisement published will be accessible for a maximum of one month on the Jobies SARL jobs platform and will be able to be renewed with no restrictions.

Recruiters likewise have unlimited access to search for applicant profiles within the databases of the platform.

Recruiters undertake to use the information obtained through the use of the platform in accordance with its intended purpose. Any use by the recruiters for other purposes may give rise to a demand for compensation.

The recruiters undertake to publish only advertisements for actual vacancies to be filled and not to publish advertisements that are against the law or of a racist or pornographic nature, contrary to morality, or damaging to the identity. Jobies SARL reserves the right to delete without warning any advertisement not meeting these requirements. Furthermore, all job offers must respect the fundamental rights about identity, equality, data protection, together with intellectual property rights.

Jobies SARL likewise reserves the right to block any recruiter failing to satisfy its requirements from using its platform, without notice.

2.2.    Services to applicants

By signing up on the platform, each job seeker can register their profile and have it posted on line. The platform also allows job seekers to search for vacancies and submit applications to recruiters whose job offers correspond to their profile or expectations.

Each applicant undertakes to provide accurate, complete information concerning their profile in order to achieve the objectives of their employment search and enable recruiters to contact them.

The job seekers authorize Jobies SARL to make their profiles accessible to the recruiters. Any incorrect publication of a profile does not give the applicant any rights against Jobies SARL, other than the right to request correction of the information published on the platform.

Job seekers undertake to use the platform in accordance with the rules set out above. Any use by job seekers for other purposes may give rise to blocking of their profile or a demand for compensation.

Jobies SARL is not responsible for the use of the information entered by job seekers and cannot be required to verify if the applicants’ details are being used by recruiters in accordance with their intended purpose and without discrimination. Furthermore, Jobies SARL declines all responsibility in the event of illicit, abusive, or fraudulent use, or use against morality of the applicants’ details by recruiters or any other third party.

3.    Information

3.1.    Distribution

Jobies SARL offers its users a service for publishing advertisements on the website and reserves the right to publish these advertisements on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as on partner sites affiliated with Job seekers accept their profile’s being made accessible to recruiters and recruitment agencies on the Jobies SARL platforms and on partner platforms..

3.2.     Content

Each user bears the sole responsibility for the contents of the information they publish and must at all times ensure that it respects current Swiss legislation as well as the rules included in these General Terms & Conditions of Use. Jobies SARL reserves the right to block or delete any information that does not correspond to its requirements, without warning and without being required to give a reason. Furthermore, Jobies SARL reserves the right to block access by any user who fails to abide by the rules included in these General Terms & Conditions.

The user shall be answerable to Jobies SARL for any offence or damages and expenses generated by any breach of these General Terms & Conditions.

3.3.     Data protection

Through technical and organizational procedures, Jobies SARL takes all measures necessary to respect the right to data protection. However, Jobies SARL is not able to completely guarantee the confidentiality, quality, or availability of the data.

In the context of using the products and services offered by Jobies SARL, the user accepts that their data transits via servers in Switzerland and abroad. Furthermore, Jobies SARL cannot be held responsible for the use made of the data by the company owning the advertisement for which the job seeker is applying.

In the event of presumed illicit use of the services provided, the data may be transmitted to the competent authorities or to third parties affected by the presumed illicit use.

3.4.     Use of personal details

Jobies SARL handles data from its users for the purpose of providing its services to them. In the event of use for other purposes, Jobies SARL will inform the user in advance in an appropriate manner.

Users may at any time request that their details be corrected or deleted.

3.5.     Access details and passwords

Users of the platform undertake to handle and conserve their access details and passwords in the strictest confidence and with the greatest care.

4.    Duration and cancellation

4.1.     Duration

The contractual relationship between Jobies SARL and its users is made for an indefinite duration, given the fact that the services offered mentioned in point 2 above are provided free of charge.

4.2.     Cancellation

Cancellation takes place by deletion of a user’s profile. Every user is free to delete their own profile. Jobies SARL likewise reserves the right to delete any profile, particularly but not exclusively for the following reasons: non-compliant use of the platform, abusive, illicit, or fraudulent use, or in the event of prolonged inactivity. Any cancellation by Jobies SARL may take place without notice, and users will not be able to claim compensation from Jobies SARL.

In the event of cancellation, Jobies SARL is not bound to retain data and documents that have been sent to it, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

5.    Responsibility

Jobies SARL undertakes to employ all means available to it to provide the best possible quality of services. In particular, Jobies SARL is not answerable for any service interruptions, nor for any technical failures or their consequences. In the event of shortcomings in the services offered, Jobies SARL’s responsibility is limited to fraudulent intent or serious negligence. Any responsibility for indirect or consequential damages is excluded.

6.    Final provisions

In the event that certain provisions in these General Terms & Conditions should prove to be ineffective, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions. The ineffective provisions will be replaced by equivalent legally-valid provisions.

7.    Jurisdiction applicable

Jobies SARL is liable to modify these General Terms & Conditions at any time. It is up to the client to regularly consult the General Terms & Conditions in force. These General Terms & Conditions of Use are governed by current Swiss law, irrespective of the client’s country. The place of jurisdiction is Geneva.

Geneva, April 2015